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I just put Kaetlyn down for her nap and as I walked by her parent's bedroom I got this uncontrollable urge to dive into their bed and fall asleep as well.  They own very comfortable looking pillows, plus king size duvets always feel so luxurious, you know what I mean?  But responsibility prevailed so now I'm writing a blog entry.  
Today my babysitting charge and I went to the shmancy club pool and upon close inspection I seem to have gotten a half a shade darker after my afternoon in the sun- excitement! Okay, it's pretty unnoticeable, Olivia you're not going to be able to see it but you have the unfair advantage of visibly Turkish heritage so you should factor that in.  My other accomplishment of the day is that I've actually started to take photos again! Digital cameras are so much cheaper to maintain, and my mom is letting me borrow hers since she never uses it.  Perhaps I will post some of the good ones tonight? Perhaps.  Oh man Mystery Diagnosis is on I must away!

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"today my babysitting charge"...que?

you mean i'm tan cuz i'm turkish?? maybe tanner than you greek person.

i took pictures today too. actually this red headed guy in my apes class goes crazy with my camera, im supposed to put his pictures on facebook for him. mystery diagnosis ana? really? i underestimated your quirks.

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