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Things I learned today: Cary is a shithole filled with Targets and teenagers who try to be Brandon Flowers, I hate driving on the highway.  My last entry reads like it's really overwritten, so I'm going to try to edit this one less/not at all.  Yeah okay Olivia, I know you're like a blog superstar and everything but let's take the high road and not laugh at me just cause I'm new and don't know about blog things, alright? Actually I was just reading your blog (did you get my friend request? did you accept it?) and admiring your straightforwardness.  I wish I could just write about people in my life who piss me off but for some reason I have this fear of  typing it all out...even if I post it as "friends only".  But I'm going to try.  Right now I hate only one person's guts, perhaps undeservedly so, but they deserve it to at least some extent and quite frankly I don't care.  Plus, I am human and you can't like everybody.  But like I was saying this one gal that I hate is unbelievably shallow and unoriginal, and tries to pose as intelligent and creative by copying other people.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed I pool all of my life's frustrations into despising this one person, which is probably really unhealthy.  I want to get past this.  My hatred was rekindled yesterday when reading the yearbook and I had to remember what a fake, ridiculous person she is.  But you know what? I feel slightly better now that I've written this out.  In a really passive aggressive way I feel like I'm taking action against the evil that is this girl.   
In other news right now a friend of Lillie's that I've never met is talking to me online.  This has been going on for months, even though I only respond one out of every ten times he tries to contact me.  I have no idea why someone I've never met would want to talk to me so much.  I never say interesting things during our conversations.  His name is Theodore something something and he seems perfectly nice, I just don't know what to make of him AT ALL. 
I am extremely sleep deprived...time for bed, and babysitting at 8:30 AM

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soo...nice sentence about cary. especially with the independent clause stuck on at the end with a comma...alliteration with targets and teenagers...who is brandon flowers? you really put a lot of thought into this. as for blogging, jus' do what you do. but oh yes i vote we use gossip girl code! did you notice how i did that? hell yea. so you need to tell me the girl you're talking about that you hate with the first letter of her name. is it W? as for L's friend T, do you think L has told him about you and he's trying to hit on you, or maybe he is just insane? BTW who is lillie?

Brandon Flowers is the lead singer of the Killers, aka the guy who claimed that Sam's Town would be "one of the best albums of the past twenty years". Douche! Move to Cary Brandon Flowers, you'll feel right at home!
Lillie is a Goucher friend, she's really great but she's transfering away to Pittsburgh which is really upsetting. I might be visiting her in NYC later in the summer, and she really wants me to meet this guy Theodore...I'll show you his profile picture later you will laugh. I'm pretty sure he's gay so I don't think he's hitting on me therefore he is potentially insane.

this reminds me, there is a cool girl named nora simmons in my math class who is going to goucher. you should try to be friends with her. she is into art. and the velvet underground. and she is pretty and nice. and that is all i know

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