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Hello I am trying to be disciplined
It's kind of fun having a secret blog that only two people know about.  Although, I think this causes me to write in it less since I talk to both of those people almost daily.  Hi Olivia! Hi Katy! Anyways, today had only two noteworthy events.  I tried to go to the pool again with Kaetlyn but alas, I forgot the small electronic grey key that opens the club gate and was DENIED ENTRY! Katie had already been suited up and lathered in sunscreen by the time I noticed it was missing (she insists on being the one to rub in the Coppertone SPF 50, even though her five year old hands don't quite have the dexterity and she ends up looking like a snowman), but I figured it wouldn't be too big of a deal.  After all, we've been going every morning for a week now, and there's usually only 4 or 5 other swimmers maximum at this time of day.  Not exactly a happenin' place.  So the two of us stand awkwardly by the gate for awhile, and then a lifeguard that I RECOGNIZE comes up and and gives me this look like "what are you doing?" so I explain.  There's this awkard pause, and then the girl gives us this awkward, overly apologetic speech about strict club policy something something, I can't let you in, assuming you live around here could you like, go back and get it? I explain that it's on the counter at my house in Durham, and then to my surprise she put on her shades and apologizes once again and then starts to walk away.  As soon as she turns around in her tacky Red Cross bikini, Katie starts crying really loudly and collapses on the sidewalk.  Lifeguard awkwardly doesn't look back.  Who does that?
It's time for me to eat dinner I'll write about the other noteworthy thing later.

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OH MY GOD. EPIC STORY. loved the sunscreen part. and the crazy chick, and the tantrum...why do you know the crazy ho?

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